As a performer, I've worked with some incredible writers and directors. Having completed a degree in Writing, Directing and Performance at the University of York, I decided to give it a go for myself! Since then, I have continued to create work, both for stage and screen - mostly to give me and my mates work! Below you'll find a selection of those projects.

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Role: Writer / Director / Actor

Cast: Alice Wallis, Sally Sharp and Hannah Eggleton

A piece set on a July Morning in 1953.

Unfortunately, it was October in 2020 so coats were required.

STEALTH (2020)

Role: Producer / Director / Actor

Crew: My Mum

Filmed during the National Lockdown.

My first time directing myself on camera; as an exercise in narcissism, it went wonderfully.

Big shout out to my Mum for standing in a torrential downpour in the middle of the night to film me inside our house.



Role in Blink:

Assistant Director / Producer

Role in Scratch: Writer / Performer

A double bill produced as part of Squabbling House Theatre's second national tour. Venues included: The Yorkshire Fringe, The Manchester Fringe and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

Here's a particularly moody shot I took during rehearsals; it felt very artsy at the time.


Role: Writer

Director: Erin Burbridge

A short play produced as part of a series celebrating Women in Science at The Department of Theatre, Film and Television.

A brilliant event.

So much so, I forgot to take any photos. 

Whilst taking this photo, I realised that our department sign wasn't punctuated properly. Sort it out, York.